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Solution Documentation and Administration in Solution Manager 7.2

Efficient planning, reporting and operation of SAP and Non-SAP solutions adds competitive advantage to any business. As a result, a clear and reliable documentation of solutions is a prerequisite for success of many businesses industry wide.

The term solution documentation represents all documents, diagrams, test cases, models and other materials that you use to describe aspects of your solution and allows a complete lifecycle management of these elements. You can use document templates in the solution and their configuration as sources for your own definitions. You can define the design of the templates, define their status, and determine the place where they shall occur.

As part of documenting your solution, processes which are the core of your business must be considered. The management of business processes through the complete lifecycle is at the core of SAP Solution Manager’s operating principles. This means that every functionality in SAP Solution Manager centers around the customer’s business processes. Process Management enables you to manage your business processes in a holistic way, you can describe both business and IT perspective on processes, applications and system landscapes in one place. So, business documentation and system reality are always synchronized.

The Solution Documentation provides you, among others, with functional highlights in the following areas:


Benefit from graphical process modelling and use a modern browser-based user interface and simplify the administration and documentation of SAP solutions.

Context-driven user interface

With no buttons in the user interface to add new elements, you just use the right mouse button at the location where you want to add the new element. A context menu offers all the functions that are allowed at the selected location or element.

Implicit Save of user entries

You do not need to save your entries with a “Save” button. Every change of an element is saved automatically when you select another element. Optionally, or if you want to finish your work without selecting another element, you can save your work manually with the “Save” button.


Organize reusable documentation for business process steps and other entities such as transactions, development objects, and configuration activities in libraries. Simplify content management by working on reusable documentation elements.


Take advantage of the concept of Solution Documentation as a single source of truth for all content related to business processes.


You can simplify maintenance, new development and upgrades by using the version concept – branches. With this concept, you are part of the quantum leap in SAP release management.

Big Solutions

You can handle solutions of all shapes and sizes with multi-level hierarchies without limitations on the size and hierarchical complexity.


You can add extra structure levels and your own attributes by taking advantage of the flexible, model-based architecture of Solution Manager 7.2 to systematically extend SAP standards.

And finally, you can use solution administration to create, display and maintain solutions and get an overview of all your existing solutions.

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